Desperate, helpless and restless !

God can involve Himself with us and save us from all difficult situations!

We may be rich or poor, man or woman, young or old live in a city or village face impossible and helpless situations in our life. Financial Crisis, prolonged sickness,impossible to get married or have children, court case, spoiled son or daughter are our daily experiences. The old Bollywood film song that says your destiny can not be changed increases our pain. We are used to say that our situation will never be changed, our disease will never be cured and will never be able to marry etc. etc. We do not expect our situation to change as all this is what we are destined to. We are told that all is maya or illusion, we have such a big population, we suffer because of sin of our past life and we will never have enough.We are also taught that satisfaction is what is needed it is great wealth.But on the other hand some rich or influential person have no end to his increase in wealth and influence and the same principal does not apply to them. There is no food on the table for many families. Farmers can not pay their debt, and commit suicide. Femine and drought is reported on the media and nothing is done. Women are raped and injustice and cruelty never ends.

Have you ever thought that neither you are born as a worm, nor shoe on the feet but a valuable part of his creation and production in the image of God. Right from the day of birth till the day you die you are important because you are made in the image of God. According to God’s word known as “The Bible” the destiny of the world is in the hand of a merciful and just God. He loves each of us as individuals and works for our well being. We all are important as long as we have life  here on earth. God wants to bring hope in your life no matter what your history is. He sent His son on earth as a man two thousand years ago and he shared in our sufferings and joys. While he was here on earth he healed the sick people, open the eyes of the blind, delivered people from the power of evil spirits and preached about the kingdom of God. His name was Jesus Christ and he is known as son of God. He taught about justice and peace and delivered the right message of salvation of man and woman. His fame spread throughout the region and it made religious people jealous and he was accused of blasphemy for being Son of God and was handed over to Roman government to be crucified. But he rose again from the dead as it was written in the prophecies of old. He was seen by his disciples for 40 days and than taken to heaven. He is now sitting at the right hand side of the father God and has right to judge the living and the dead.

If we trust in Lord Jesus Christ our despair will turn in to hope. According to the Bible God is same yesterday, today and forever the same. He does not change and can enter your circumstances through faith and invitation. He can change your life and protect you from sickness and bring you out from misery. You are not born to die earlier than its appointed ,suffer or remain sick. He can give you more than enough while here on earth and eternal life after death.

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