God and you

TV programs for your encouragement, healing and knowledge’

We have produced various TV programs in Hindi and Urdu on different subjects. You can choose and see them as per your need and advantage. If you would like to show these program on any channel in your country you are welcome to contact us:

These programs are produced mainly under four serials and have many episodes.

1. Ten Commandments- God’s Ten commandments for each man and woman. If you obey them blessings will follow and there will be deliverance from curses.

2. School of life- The word of God inspires us to live healthy, successful and happy life. If we walk on His ways He guides us in all circumstances of life.

3. Good Morning- The program based on stories of the Bible to bring God’s favour in life and bring victory in day to day battles of life.

4.Your hope – God’s ways for those who are disappointed, defeated and gone through a failure in life. He has hope and future for those who believe in Him.

To see these programs click on the links below.