Democracy and God

Is democracy meant to give false promises to voters, take away freedom of the press and kill weak, minorities and poor?This can be seen, heard or read about Governments in Asia. Africa, Latin America and Middle East. The political elite of these country uses tax payers money and builds one’s own financial empire by helping the rich and deprive poor of their basic rights.
The political and religious philosophy is the root cause of poverty of these nations. The primary job of the Government is to bring education, safety and health care, employment as well as bring citizens out of poverty but they change definition of democracy according to their own needs. In the western nations behind democratic institutions concepts from the Bible are used in practice. God gave Ten Commandments to people of Israel after they became free from slavery of Egypt after 400 years. Jesus Christ taught to love your neighbour as thyself. These concepts are very well used both in Israel and other western nations. Justice given by King brings stability to a nation but injusticeand cruelty is used by official machinery to stay in power. Its not enough to blame others for one’s own failure. God sent His Son on the earth 2000 years ago to challenge the corrupt Roman Government and destroy hypocrite religious system to free people from their slavery To knowmore about this buy a copy of the Bible and read for yourself. Visit our websites to listen radio and see TV programs.

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